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- Activities in great surroundings -

We want your stay at Melderstein to be a time to remember. In order for you to get the most out of your stay, we have a wide range of activities on offer. Our surroundings are fantastic, regardless of the season. Here there are the river, forests, mountain peaks, the views and the silence. Our dedicated partners will ensure that your days are filled with wonderful nature experiences and memories. All activities must be pre-booked, contact us to customize your stay with us at Melderstein!

5 Melderstein exterior winter 2.jpg


Black nights with dancing Northern Lights in the sky, creaking snow under your feet, biting cold on your cheeks. Winter offers many opportunities for great outdoor experiences. Strap on snowshoes or skis and head out into a dazzling white landscape. Or why not challenge each other on a spark (kick sled) for a little more speed? We can offer a variety of tailor-made itineraries:

4 days winter adventures

4 days, be in ore with the history

5 days winter adventures

8 days winter adventures

Huskies-Yellow Snow-Husky-Tours-swedish-


Meet and cuddle huskies and try one of the tours offered with our local huskies. In winter, enjoy the beautiful winter wonderland by sledding through forest and over water. At the same time, it is a truly fascinating experience to witness the dogs' strength, determination, and joy.

northern lights swedish lapland melderst


Experience the most beautiful that the night sky has to offer. Watch the Northern Lights dance in the sky and throw out waves of different colours. Look at the Northern Lights from Melderstein's own hot tub or try one of the activities offered in the evenings, perhaps on snowshoes or with huskies.

Image by Yann Allegre


Try snowshoeing in Melderstein's beautiful surroundings. A cool adventure for body and mind.

Melderstein's history will be told during the hike. When your legs get tired, enjoy coffee and Swedish fika by a wonderfully crackling log fire.



We head out for a trip in the beautiful forest landscape by Råneå River. We drive up onto the mountains with beautiful views of the winter landscape. Stop for coffee or lunch by the open fire. Snowmobiling is an effective way to get around in the winter. The snow opens up routes to places that are barely possible in other seasons.

Bastu på Melderstein Herrgård


Melderstein's own sauna is a popular end of the day. Let the heat from the sauna take care of your mind and body after one of your more active experiences.




Our dedicated and knowledgeable partners ensure that your days are filled with wonderful nature experiences and memories.



Canoeing is a quiet and peaceful way to get close to wildlife and nature. Enjoy the fresh air and the sounds of nature on one of the waterways close to Melderstein.

swedish lapland tunnbröd bagarstuga herr


Try baking bread in a wood-fired oven. We promise heat and heart-warming conversation.



We offer beautiful walks in our wonderful natural world. Hikes will be adapted to your ability and you will be able to enjoy nature at a comfortable pace.



Organic yoga works through its strong presence in body sensations. The sessions are gentle, accommodating and soft. Movements are introduced step by step so that your body can adapt and open at a gentle pace. The class ends with deep, restful meditation.



Kundalini yoga is a soft yet powerful yoga. Kundalini yoga includes posture and breathing exercises, as well as mantra and meditation.

Massage terapi


Gild your stay at Melderstein with a relaxing classic massage. Each treatment is tailored to your wellbeing.

Bastu på Melderstein


Melderstein's own sauna is a popular end to the day. Let the heat from the sauna take care of your mind and body after one of the day’s more active experiences. There are two changing rooms and a sauna with room for 20 people. Next to the sauna is a relax area with soft couches.

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